Frequently Asked Questions

What do you look for in a tutor?2018-03-06T04:32:44+00:00

Our tutors not only have to be knowledgeable but also patient, friendly and honest. We then build on their natural qualities through training and on-going tutor support. Importantly, all our tutors must also pass a security check and sign a confidentiality agreement.

What makes TechSeniors right for older adult learners?2018-03-06T04:42:50+00:00

The creator of TechSeniors Ltd spent almost a decade supporting older adults with their technology learning. Through both individual and group class situations, it was clear that many older adults approach technology with apprehension, low confidence and fear that they will do something ‘terribly wrong’. TechSeniors Ltd has set out student goals which focus on them gaining confidence, a sense of achievement, to have fun and to learn. Central to this is allowing students to work at their own pace.

How much does TechSenior cost?2018-05-31T04:16:43+00:00

Sessions with TechSeniors Ltd are charged by the hour. We do have discounts for couples, three friends and small computer groups. Prices are detailed here.


What if I don’t want a tutor to come to my home?2018-03-06T04:35:34+00:00

Yes, some people would rather meet their tutor outside their home, particularly the first time. We will then find somewhere handy – a public library, common room within a retirement village or maybe even a café. The choice is yours.

What if I don’t understand what the tutor is telling me?2018-03-06T04:36:16+00:00

Our tutors will do their best to make sure that what they are showing you, and the way they show you is helping you learn. Please do let your tutor know if you are still unsure. If you don’t feel you can tell your tutor directly then always telephone us.

How will my tutor know what to teach me?2018-03-06T04:42:43+00:00

Prior to your first lesson, your tutor will telephone you. This is a time to talk about what you already know and what you’d like to learn. If more clarification is needed, your tutor will spend some time during the initial session to clarify what it is you most want to learn.

Can I talk to my tutor before the first lesson?2018-03-06T04:37:41+00:00

Yes, your tutor will telephone you to confirm your first session and time as well as briefly talking about what it is you want to learn.

Is it safe to invite a tutor into my home?2018-03-06T04:38:24+00:00

All our tutors are police checked. They also sign a confidentiality agreement that specifically notes no sharing of personal information about their learners. Also, our business is about people and so it is extremely important to us that tutors are trustworthy, honest and the kind of people you would like to invite in for tea.

I have an Apple Macbook. Do you offer lessons for Mac?2018-03-06T04:39:15+00:00

No, at this stage we only have tutors available for laptops and PC’s using Windows. We do however work with iPhones and iPads.

Can I buy sessions for my parent or grandparent as a gift?2018-03-06T04:46:45+00:00

Definitely. We can send a gift card with selected lesson topic and number of lessons. It is best that you also talk to  the recipient about the gift so they know to expect a telephone call from us.  Click here for a gift package.

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