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Learning Packages

All learners are different. For this reason, we do not specify at the outset how many sessions you will need. Instead, your tutor will telephone you prior to your first session. This is a time to talk about what you already know and what you’d like to learn.

At the end of the first session, your tutor will suggest a learning package that will include the number of sessions and range of topics to be included. At all times we will cover information at your pace. For this reason, we may take longer (or shorter) to move through the material.

We will always keep you informed and make sure you are in agreement with the plan. While we will introduce you to new concepts and topics, we know that it is important to not take on too much, too soon.

Individual $80 per hour session

*Prices include GST
*No tutoring currently available for Apple Mac computers or laptops.

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